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Talking about the Development of Intelligent Lighting at Home and Abroad

Number of visits: Date:2017-12-13 17:14
In the process of production, work and study, 80% of the information people get from outside is realized through vision. Whether it is day or night, light has a great impact on people's daily life, and a comfortable light environment is of crucial importance to people.
    Intelligent Lighting The use of computers, wireless communications data transmission, spread spectrum power line carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control and other technologies composed of distributed wireless remote control, telemetry, remote control system to achieve intelligent lighting Control.
    Lighting industry is the rise and rapid development in the United States in the 1980s. By the late 1990s, modern computer technology, automatic control technology, modern communication technology and modern information processing technology were widely used all over the world, and the technology tended to mature. Have brought tremendous impact, the lighting industry has undergone tremendous changes. Enter the 21st century, the official into the information age, a large number of new products, new equipment, the emergence of new technologies, intelligent lighting technology toward the direction of integrated systems integration. In the rapid development of microelectronics technology, many semiconductor companies introduced a series of products dedicated power switching devices and control integrated circuits, and promote the various types of electronic ballasts to high performance and high reliability. At the same time, the network technology is also constantly penetrating into various industries, especially the lighting industry, making the different control system interrelated, achieving resource sharing, remote monitoring, setting, controlling and integrated management of system anomaly information. Especially in recent years, some management software has also been developed. Users only need to remotely monitor through an interface, such as mobile APP.
    With the development of the lighting industry, many well-known enterprises in the world have been pouring out. For example, the semiconductor manufacturer France PERFECT has developed a chip for lighting control and a combination of radio frequency functions. In addition, PHILIPSn6, 17J and OSRAMn8J have introduced double End spherical HED and so on.
    Many multinational companies to enter China, but also promote the progress of the domestic smart lighting industry. Sobo, Swiss Long, Kyushu Yiju is the early to enter the intelligent lighting industry enterprises. Sobo is an international manufacturer of smart home products, with the largest product R & D center and production base in Asia. The international high-end smart security system and intelligent micro-control modules have achieved good results. Tianjin Rui Lang main smart lighting training. Shanghai Qisheng introduced intelligent system, through the combination of C-Bus intelligent control system, security control system and wireless network technology, realized the lighting control, home appliance control and so on. With the vigorous development of the intelligent lighting industry, many other intelligent lighting enterprises have also emerged and mushroomed. In particular, many of the computer industry to join, providing a lot of technical support, making smart lighting gradually maturing.
    People's lives are inseparable from the lighting, intelligent lighting with brightness adjustment, light soft-off, timing control, scene settings and other functions, but also gradually accepted by the public, and the prospects are more and more broad.

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