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Your present location:Case >> Garden Expo Park in Hebei Province
  • Product name: Garden Expo Park in Hebei Province

  Hebei Garden Expo Park is located in the center of the main axis of Zhengding New District, Shijiazhuang. It is 3.2 kilometers from Hutuo River in the south, 1.5 kilometers from Zhengding County in the west, covering an area of about 1,200 mu. In order to meet the needs of the Expo, the Garden Expo Park was divided into seven functional divisions: Main Entrance Plaza, Yanzhao Garden, Social Park, Special Garden, Recreation Garden, Waterfront Landscape Area, and Mountain Recreation Area.
  The Garden Expo Park’s night scene lighting highlights the social orientation, theme, and cultural atmosphere of the Garden Expo Park, to allow the lights and buildings to dance together and demonstrate the endless vitality and tremendous power of Chinese companies to people around the world.